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Owners Rex and Cheryl BellBell Irrigation and Landscape is a family owned company that exists to serve our clients, to provide for our employees, and to glorify God above all else.

We have provided irrigation and landscaping services for residential and commercial customers since 1996. In order to best accomplish our goals, we offer

-> a comprehensive array of irrigation and landscaping services
-> complimentary personalized and customized designs
-> excellent and timely service
-> reasonable pricing
-> irrigation licensure and full city code compliance
-> a company which is fully insured for your protection


Please contact us at 817-560-4282 or 817-688-0193.




Sprinkler System Design and  Installation

Rex Bell installed the irrigation system at our Bed and Breakfast twelve years ago and has kept it running ever since.  He has serviced it promptly as needed, stood behind his guarantees, and managed to keep us coming back.  Besides being the best in the business, he is also a very pleasant person, energetic, and god-fearing.  His employees are prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful.  He is creative and has done some absolutely beautiful fountain and rock work.  We are delighted to recommend him to anyone that is looking for a quality craftsman and a beautiful system. 

-- David and Marilyn Lewis

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Landscape Design and Installation

Rex Bell designed, and his landscaping crew performed a miracle in our back yard.  They converted a former playground, with torpedo gravel and severely sloping terrain into a beautiful patio in less than a week and a half, and on very short notice.  The patio was anchored by using granite slabs, lined with mondo grass.  He added a flower bed, raised along the house foundation with an outline of river rock, flagstone, and Arizona stepping stones, as well as strategically placed dwarf and ornamental trees, smartly contrasting shrubs, flowering plants and grasses throughout the raised bed, along the fence, and  in two other flower beds.  Rex added or improved our sprinkling system to appropriately cover all new and existing foliage.  Rex and his crew saved the day for our 4th of July holiday and we highly recommend his service for your landscaping and irrigation needs.

-- Gary Reding

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